There are two types of API :

  1. API with no GUI
  2. API to redirect to Booking Live for GUI operations (with possible link back)

This section describes the public API to start, add and complete orders.
The system uses securely hashed and JSON encoded get variables .

Booking Live also supports SalesForce SSO and other SSO functions

Start Order

Start an order with an initial basket of items

Get Order Details

This method returns details on the requested order

Add To Order

This method takes order items in the payload and returns order information or nothing

Abort Order

abort an order

Cancel Order

cancel an order

Complete Order

complete an order with optional adding more order items and transactions to make payment

Get all orders by user Email

Returns all order for specific user email

Send Email to customer

Send Email to customer

Update order params

Update a certain order param value

Get Events By Product IDs

Returns all events for selected product

Secure iCal Feed

Provides the same iCal feed, but securely

Update Events

allows a system to update actual atendance detail for events

Update Member

allows an external system to update a member based on external changes


Page last modified: March 07, 2019