Within this section you can view all files and images you've uploaded to your Booking Live system. From here you can upload, edit and delete files.

Uploading files

There are two ways of uploading files and images.

  1. On demand
  2. Bulk upload

On demand

In many areas of the system, you'll have the ability to upload files. For uploading files to pages, this is done via content blocks.

  1. Open up a content block
  2. In the editor click
  3. You can now choose to upload/link via
    3.1. Your local machine
    3.2. A website URL
    3.3 The CMS (for when you've used bulk upload)
  4. When happy with your upload, click Save your content and publish the page

Bulk upload

To bulk upload files, you can open Files. We recommend you create a folder structure to manage your system files, as over time you can build up a significant number.

  1. Go to the location you want to upload files to
  2. Click the button
  3. Drag your files into the screen, or use the Choose Files to Upload option
  4. Your files should now begin uploading below
  5. When complete you will get the message File upload completed!

Allowed extensions

BookingLive allows you to upload the following file types:

Page last modified: November 03, 2016