Widgets are interactive and dynamic pieces of content that sit within sections on a web page to help improve user experience.

Available Widgets

Facebook feed Display a Facebook Feed on your website.
Twitter feed Display a twitter feed on your website, requires oAuth configuration for each widget you setup
Content Block Very powerful content widget. Allows the defining of blocks of content, which can then be reused across your website on multiple pages, and updated from anywhere in your site using the widget.
Display Anything Display image sliders in your pages or image galleries. Slider uses the Flexslider responsive slider, so you can place this wherever you want and it will fit perfectly.
Product Tree Display a list of links to, parent, sibling or child pages in the place of the widget. Useful for complex site tree navigation, where you have multiple levels of page content.
Product Display Display Products from your websites current product lines. You can do this automatically from Locations and Product Groups or define a set list of products to display in the widget. Allows full control over the ordering of the products displayed.
Google Maps Displays an interactive google map of your locations
Tab Set Allows you to create tabs within page sections and drop additional widgets within the tabs

How to Add Widgets

  1. Open a page
  2. Click on Add/Remove Widgets
  3. You'll be presented with a selection of widgets on the right hand side
  4. Drag a widget you wish to use, to the content areas on the left hand side of the page
  5. Once you drop the widget, you'll get a new interface up dependant on the widget you've changed
  6. You can now Choose from existing or Create New
  7. If you link to existing, the widget will automatically load all the previous configurations into the screen
  8. Any edits made will affect all pages using this configuration
  9. If you create new, the next time you use the widget, you'll be able to choose from this configuration in the drop down
  10. Once completed, Save the popup window
  11. Save & Publish your page, and your preview your web page

How to Remove Widgets

  1. Click the Add/Remove Widgets button
  2. Select a widget on the page
  3. Drag and drop the widget onto the "Drop Here to Remove" section

Page last modified: November 03, 2016