Whether you want to review your business's recent activity or build in-depth reports that give you the insight needed to develop it further, there's plenty of useful data associated with your customers, orders and transactions.

From the Reports module you can:

Available Reports

From the Reports module, you can view several different reports about your business. They're organized into several categories:


The attendees report is a register or manifest of purchaser and/or participant information for specific events.


The Orders report is a summary of your orders and the transactions recorded against those orders.


The payments report displays all transactions recorded in the system, including the method, gross and net amounts.


The volume report displays a range of intelligent statistics including new orders, new customers, refunds made etc within a given period.

Report Filters

When you filter data on any report, it regenerates the data to match the filters you apply. You can also add multiple filters to a report. Depending on the report selected, it is possible to filter based on:

Create Bespoke Reports

To create a report click the "Duplicate" or "Create" links. The default fields will load. To add new fields click the + icon. The available fields within the drop down will include all purchaser and participant fields you have set in your booking forms. The extra columns field allows you to add empty columns to the report with a column heading only.

To edit an exiting report view select the view in the "Saved views" dropdown then click the "Edit" link. To delete an exiting report view select the view in the "Saved views" dropdown then click the "Delete" link.

Page last modified: November 03, 2016