Editing Orders

Viewing Order Details

To view the details of an Order on your system, go to https://demo.bookinglive.com/orders and then select an order.

  1. Purchaser name
  2. Purchaser address
  3. Purchaser telephone number
  4. Purchaser e-mail address
  5. Order reference number
  6. Order date
  7. Order total
  8. Outstanding balance
  9. Order tags (See below)
  10. Order status (See below)
  11. Order item details: Product Name + Start Date & Time + End Date & Time + Location + Participant Name
  12. Order item source (See below)
  13. Order item tax amount
  14. Order item total
  15. Order total tax amount
  16. Order total amount
  17. Transaction date
  18. Transaction time
  19. Transaction status
  20. Transaction type
  21. Transaction source
  22. Transaction ammount
  23. Transactions total
  24. Order notes (See below)

Further information

Order Tags

Introduced in v3.4, Orders can have freeform tags added to them for administrative purposes. This can be used to track certain Orders, or to record actions taken against them (for administrative purposes).

To add a new tag to an Order, you simply enter the tage name and hit enter. This then applies the tag against the Order.
Once a tag has been added to an Order, it can be used again on other Orders by entering the tag name into the box, and clicking on the suggestions provided.

Tags can be used in the Filters on the Orders screen.

Order Status

Introduced in v3.4, Order Statuses were expanded out to provide more details:

MainStatus Event Status
---- ---- ----
Completed Full Payment Order Completed
Has Confirmed Childcare Voucher + therefore full payment Completed
Has Confirmed Childcare Voucher + not fully paid balance Balance Outstanding
Has Internal Voucher Completed
Has External Agent Voucher Completed
Checked out Resource Library Order Checked Out
Partially Checked in Resource Library Order Partially Checked In
Partially Paid Order with no "Amount Overdue" Balance Outstanding
Has Unconfirmed Childcare Voucher Childcare Pending
Partially Paid Order with "Amount Overdue" Payment Overdue
Invoice Order with CedAr CedAr Invoiced
Provisional Awaiting Checkout Resource Library Order Awaiting Checkout
Admin Order with the "Complete as Provisional" button clicked Provisional
Order Completed when "All Orders Provisional" ticked Provisional
Pending Orders currently still in the booking process Pending
Orders which have left the booking process but the cron hasnt cleared yet Pending
Aborted Orders which have failed at the payment gateway Payment Failure
Aborted Orders which have not completed the booking process and timed-out Aborted
Cancelled Orders which the Admin has cancelled Cancelled
Orders which the Customer has cancelled Cancelled
Orders which were still Provisional when the first datetime within the order passes. Cancelled
WaitingList Waiting List orders Waiting List


Order Items and Transactions both display their "source", this is to record who added the order tiem to the order, and where the Transaction originated.
In most cases, these will be "Customer", as they will have been added by the customer to the order. However, in some cases, they might have been added by an Admin, in which case, the source will be "Staff(Name)". This allows for easy and quick checking of where order items and transactions originate from.

Order Notes

Order notes can come from three sources:

In all cases, Admin Notes can only be seen by people with access to the Admin section of the booking system.

Order Actions

In the top-right of the Order detaisl screen, there is an "Actions" menu, which provides the following options:

Add to Order

This action allows you to add an additional item to the Order. When you select this option, you will be provided with the following options:

Option Description
Additional booking Add an additional booking which could be of any product type and will recalculate the basket total upon submission, potentially triggering discounts
Upsell Add an upsell to this order. (This option will be greyed out if there are not Event Upsells set up on any of the products in the order)
Physical Item Add a Physical item to the order. This can include any Physical Item set up on the system. (This option will be greyed out if there are no Physical Items on the System)

Edit Details

This action allows you to edit the details of the Purchaser of the Order.

Resend Confirmation

This action allows you to resend the confirmation e-mail, if required.

Cancel Order

This action will cancel the Order, but not process any refunds.

Add Payment

This action will only be displayed if there is an outstanding balance against the Order. This option will take you to the Billing Admin page, where you can then process any additional payments against the Order, as required.

Complete Order

This action will only be displayed if the Order has been cancelled. This option will allow you to complete the Order and make it active again.

Transaction details

To view more details about a Transaction, simply click on the icon, which will then open up a pop-up window, displaying more details about the Transaction.

Refunding Transactions

To mark a Transaction as having been refunded, go to the Transaction Details, and then click on the "Refund" button.
You will be asked to provide a reason for the Refund, and to state the method through which the Transaction was refunded.

 If you use SagePay as your Payment Gateway, refunding a transaction il Booking Live will process the relevant refund through SagePay, all other Payment Gateways will require a manual refund via the gateway.

Page last modified: June 18, 2019