Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add an Upsell to a Product?

To add a Product Upsell, you will first need to create the Upsell Product, and then link it onto the products that will include that upsell.

  1. Have a look at the Event Upsell and Physical Item
  2. Once you have created your Upsells, go to the settings for the Products you want to include the upsells on
  3. For to the "Product Upsells" Tab
  4. Click on "Select type to create" and choose "Booking Page : Upsell", then click " Add"
  5. Select the relevant Upsell from the Dropdown list that is provided.
  6. Click " Save and close"

Repeat steps 4-6 as required for any additional Upsell Products.

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How can I stop bookings X days before the event?

By default, the booking system allows bookings up to the Start Date & Time of the Event, to prevent bookings being made before that time, you will need to use Unpublish Date & Time function.

  1. Go to Settings > Events
  2. Find the events in question (by using the filters as required)
  3. Select the Events you want to modify
  4. Click on Actions and select " Update Event Details"
  5. Click "Update unpublish time of selected events"
  6. Use the options to set the Unpublish time as required.
  7. Click "Confirm"

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How do I link from my website to the booking system?

There are two methods of linking to the Booking System.

  1. Link to a page within the CMS that has a Product Display Widget
  2. Link directly to a product's Booking Page

The first option will require you to set up a home page using the Page Editor.
The second option requires you to find the ID of the product and use that to create the Booking Page URL.

Each Product in the Booking System has an unique ID that can be used to find the Booking Page for the Product.
The Booking page for each product follows the same syntax:
The # at the end is where you place the Product ID.

Example, Product ID 5 would have a booking page url of

How do I find the ID for my Products?

The Product ID is the unique identifier for your Products.
To find the ID, you will need to go (Settings > Products)[] and then find the Produst you wish to know the ID of.
When you look at the URL of the Product Page, it should look something like this:
The Product ID is the number towards the end of the URL (5 in this example).

Page last modified: November 18, 2019