General terms

Location The place where an event can take place
Resource The thing that is being used as part of the event
Product The thing that is being run during the event.
Event The time and place where something (Product) is being run that can be booked onto.
Order The booking that contains all products and events, customer and transaction information.
Purchaser The person who is making the booking.
Participants The people who are attending the event.
User Group Used to define permission sets and privilages within the system.
Capacity The maximum number of bookings that can be made for this Event or Resource.

Product-related terms

Single Event A product where each Event stands alone from other events of the same product.
Multi-Event A product who's events are linked together and booked at the saem time.
Room Booking A Product where you can book out a resource, regardless of capacity.
Template Event A product which runs for a fixed time, but can have flexible start times. Overall capacity is based on the Resource(s) being used.
Voucher Products A product which is purchased and a code is generated allowing a booking at a later time.
Membership A product that applies a User Group whilst the membership is active.
Upsell Something additional that can be purchased alongside a booking.
Physical Item A product that can be purchased in addition to a booking, or by itself (e.g Books or T-shirts).

Booking-related terms

Booking Journey The steps involved in making a booking, starting with the Booking Page, ending with the Payment Gateway.
Booking Form The information gathered during the booking process from the Purchaser and Participants.
Order Item An individual event that has been included in an order.
Fixed Event A fixed time & date for an Event to run on.
Available Event The dates and times that a Resource is available for use.

Admin-related terms

Promotions Discounts applied to an order based on certain triggers.
Payment Gateway This allows you to take payments online provided via a third party service such as PayPal, SagePay, WorldPay etc.
Page This is your CMS and controls the content and look and feel of all web pages widgets, availability and more.
Widgets These are interactive blocks of content that you can place on pages and included google maps, testimonials, facebook feeds and more.
Notifications Messages (E-mail or SMS) that are sent to users based upon certain triggers.

Page last modified: November 18, 2019