Release Notes - Booking Live 3.0 - Version 3.1.4

New Feature

When creating a "Single Event" Product and selecting the "Seven Day Multi Select View" Booking View it is now possible to set a "Minimum Days Required". This allows you
to force the purchaser to buy a certain number of events in the week. This is typically used for clubs which last several days and the admin wants the purchaser to commit to attending at least x number of days before allowing them to purchase.

E.g. if set to 3, the purchaser must select at least 3 events in the same week in order to book the item.

The Template Event Product Type has been introduced to V3 of Booking Live. This product type allows an admin to monitor a rolling Capacity of one or more Resources where the session length may be 60 minutes, but entry is allowed every 20 minutes (figures can vary at the admin's discresion). Where multiple resources are used it can also handle moving attendees between resources.

E.g. A party group spends 1 hour in a shared swimming pool and then moves onto a party room.

In the above exampe the booking system will check the availability of both resources when the booking is made ensuring that 2 groups dont overlap in the party room and that the overall capacity of the shared swimming pool isnt exceeded.

Additional items

Upsells have be redesigned within the admin system so that you can now group upsells under custom headings, and restrict upsells to only be visible to certain user groups. e

E.g. Internal Staff could see a staff only Upsell.

Bugs Fixed

Page last modified: November 18, 2019