Booking Forms

About Booking Forms

Booking Forms control the data collected for people that relate to the order:

There are three main types of Booking Forms that can be used within Booking Live:

Your booking system will always have one Purchaser booking form. This form is used universally across the system each time there is a booking of any kind (including purchases such as Physical Items, Vouchers and Memberships).
You can have several different Participant booking forms withiny our system, and these can be used by different products as is required.
Relating Member forms allow you to gather additional details that relate to a Participant. For example: medical information and Parents.

How to setup Booking Forms in your system

To create a new booking form, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Booking Pages > Booking Forms
  2. Click " Add Booking Form"
  3. Provide a Name for the Booking Form.
  4. Select the relevant form Type (Usually "Particiapnt")
  5. Click " Save"
  6. Once the form has saved, you will be provided with additional options as below:

  1. The name of the Booking Form
  2. The form Type
  3. Force the details provided on this form to be the same as the Purchaser
  4. Field name
  5. Field type
  6. Is this field Mandatory?
  7. Hide this Booking Form from public bookings
  8. Hide this Booking Form from Admin bookings
  9. Provide the Purchaser with suggestions based upon previous bookings
  10. If a suggestion is chosen, should it be shown on other forms for the same booking?
  11. Allow the Purchaser to manually type in the details
  12. Provide the "I'm Attending" option for the Purchaser.
  13. If using Relating Member forms, this section allows you to define what forms can provide suggestions
  14. Minimum Age (inclusive)
  15. Maximum Age (inclusive)

Age Restriction

The Age Restriction part to the Booking Form is ideal for users using the system for After School Clubs and Products which only allow specifc ages. This is done by simply putting in the age you want it to restrict from and too. For example this Booking Form could be linked to a Product which only allows 3-5 Year olds. In the fields available you would then want to put 3 in the minimum age and 5 in the maximum age.
This will only work if you have a Booking Field of DOB in the template.

Adding Booking Fields

Once you have created your Booking Form, you can then start to add Fields to the Form.

  1. Open the relevant Booking Form
  2. Click " Add Booking Field"
  3. Provide a Label
  4. Choose other relevant options (See below for details on the options)
  5. If you are using a Custom Field: see below.
  6. Once you are happy with your field, click " Save and close"

  1. The field Label
  2. The fiels Help Information
  3. The field Type
  4. Is this field shown on the Billing Page?
  5. Is this field shown on the Customer's Profile?
  6. Is this field editable by the Purchaser from within the MyAccount?
  7. Is this field editable only during Admin Bookings? Note: During Public bookings, the Purchaser will see this field as read-only.
  8. Is this field Required? i.e. Mandatory
  9. Is this field read only?
  10. The maximum number of characters that can be entered into this field.
  11. If using Custom Types The Custom Field Name
  12. If using Custom Types The Custom Field Type
  13. If using Options Type The Option Name/Label
  14. If using Options Type is this Option currently being used?

Help Information
For example you could have "Medical Information" as the display name and in the help box you could have a short description saying "Leave blank if you do not have any medical information."

Creating Custom Fields

In the System you'll see that there are preloaded fields such as "First Name", "Country". These fields that just require you to give it a label (display name). To create your own fields follow the steps below:

  1. During the process of adding a new Booking Field, select the Type "Custom Field (New)"
  2. Provide other settings as required for this field.
  3. Click " Save"
  4. Provide a Name for this Custom Field (will allow you to find it again for re-use)
  5. Select the applicable Type for this new field. These are:
    5.1 Text - This field will allow the user to write a short string of letters & numbers. Ideal for codes and names.
    5.2 Textarea - This field will allow the user to write a lot more information using a string of letters & numbers. This is ideal for longer answers such as Medical Information.
    5.3 Options - This field offers a drop down of options to the customer. Ideal for multiple choice questions. See below to learn how to do this.
    5.4 Date - This field shows an interactable calendar. This is ideal for
    5.5 Numeric - This field will allow the user to type in a range of numbers only. This is ideal for phone numbers, codes that only take numbers.
  6. If you are using Type: Options, click " Save"
    6.1 To add new options, click " Add Custom Field Option"
    6.2 Provide the Option title, ensure that "Enabled" is selected
    6.3 Click " Save and close"
    6.4 Repeat steps 6.1 onwards as required.
  7. Once you are happy with your custom field settings, click " Save and close"

Page last modified: November 18, 2019