What is an Event?

An event is the date and time that a product is available to be used or booked. It is the last part of the chain of settings required to allow a customer to book (Location > Resource > Product > Event).

Requirements for creating an event

In order to be able to create Events, you must first have at least one of each of the following items set-up on your system:

Event Types

The Booking Live system has three types of Events, these are:

Event Type Description Used with
Fixed An event that starts and ends at a fixed date and time. The most common type of event. Single Event
Multi Event
Available The dates and times that a resource is available. Room Bookings
Template Events
Custom Do not edit! A fixed event is created by the system when a booking is made for an Available Event.

Adding or editing Events

Add Single Event

Add a single Event.

Add Simple Events

Add a set of Events that match a Weekly Pattern.

Add Event Series

Add a series of Events for a Multi Event Product.

Advanced Options


Set up seasons


Set automatic event creation with Timetables

Publish & Unpiblish dates

Set when Events are available to be booked

Page last modified: November 18, 2019