General Settings

The General Settings section of your admin system is where you can set up specific details of your company. You can:

How to Modify General Settings

  1. Go to Settings > General Settings
  2. Click on the relevant tab
  3. Complete the information
  4. Save

General Settings - Main

Item name Description
Site Title A short title for the website - Used in search engines.
Site Tagline/Slogan A short description of your mission statement - Used in search engines
Company Name The name of your company as it will appear within the booking system.
Logo Allows you to upload your company logo to use on the booking system.
Contact Number The contact number for your business (e.g. Head Office)
Company Reg No. Your Company Reg No is displayed on relevant pages
VAT Reg No. Your VAT Reg No is displayed on relevant pages
FavIcon The Icon for your website as displayed in browsers
Reference Prefix The starting reference for your Booking IDs. If changed later, will only affect new bookings.
Percentage or fixed amounts This is the global setting for Deposits, whether they use Fixed or Percentage ammounts.
Voucher Prefix The starting reference for your Voucher IDs. If changed later, will only affect new vouchers.

General Settings - System

Item name Description
Main Tab
Time to keep booking... This is the time (in minutes) that a booking is held for without user action. This also applies to the time spent on the payment gateway
No Bookings Allowed Prevents customers from booking (usually for maintenance purposes)
Site Status Allows you to switch the site inot Test Mode, which will not allow public access to the system.
Allow Admin Bookings Allows system Administrators to book whilst Bookings are not allowed.
No Bookings Message The message that appears on your site when No Bookings Allowed is ticked.
All Orders Provisional Sets all completed orders as being provisional, requiring an Administrator, or some other process, to complete the order.
Currencies Allowed Sets the currencies that your system will accept
Default Country The Country that will be set as default for locations.
Events Tab
Event Minimum Duration The minimum Event duration that can be added (for Room Bookings).
Event Interval Duration How long is required between events (for Room Bookings).
Seven Day Calendar... How far back people can look on the Seven Day Calendar view.
Default Calendar View Select the default view for the Admin Calendar. Used to reduce the amount of data the calendar has to load if dealing with many events
Enable Auto Filtering Enable auto filter if you are filtering the events after the initial load
Allow Bookings Until When can customers book up to? Either The start on an Event, or the End of an Event.
Calendar events to show... Changes the first number of the green summary box on the Admin Calendar from Spaces left to Spaces Booked
Events Calendar Start Hour When your Events Calendar will show events from (per day)
Events Calendar End Hour When your Events Calendar will show events until (per day)
Events Calendar Hour Height Sets the height of Admin Calendar events. Large is usefull for if you are using short duration events (i.e. 15 mins)
Disable popup with Manage... Tick to disable the admin portal calendar event manager pop-up
Events PublishDate Enabled Tick to use the events publish and unpublish functions
Automatically CheckOut... How many minutes of inactive time before a customer is logged out.
Next Term End The date of the next Term End (for Kids Clubs)
Look Ahead Days for Room... The number of days ahead the system looks for available events from now to display book now button
Week Start Day (for Seven... The first day of the week that the SevenDay booking views will use.
Dates Tab
PHP Date information Information about Date formatting
Public Date Formatter The format of publicly viewable date fields
Public Time Formatter The format of publicly viewable time fields
Date Field Show Calendar Tick to show pop-up calendar on date fields
Date Field Date Format The format of date fields in date entry boxes
Time DD Time Interval The interval on Time drop down fields
Mail Tab
Admin Email The main contact email address for your company.
No Reply Email Address The main No Reply email address that will be used by the system
Senders Email Address The main email address used to send emails from
BCC Email Confirmations To If set, a copy of all Confirmation emails will be sent to this address
Send Order Cancel Email If checked, the Purchaser will recieve an email if their Order is cancelled.
Email Participant Confirm... If checked, the Participant of an event will recieve the Confirmation Participant notification upon completion of an Order
Messages Tab
Confirmation Email The message that will be sent as confirmation of an order (chosen from the Messages module)
Amendment Email The message that will be sent upon amendments being made to an order (chosen from the Messages module)
Cancellation Email The message that will be sent upon an order being cancelled (chosen from the Messages module)
Feedback Request Email The message that will be sent to request feedback after an event (chosen from the Messages module)

Page last modified: November 18, 2019