Locations & Resources

Locations and Resources

Locations and Resources are a two-tier system to keep track of where and what is being used within an Event.
What is a Location? - A Location is the place where an Event is being run. Example: A Conference Centre.
What is a Resource? - A Resource is the thing that is being used during an Event. Example: A Room within the Conference Centre.
Why do I need two options? - In many cases, Booking Live customers tend to have their Locations and Resources set up as the same thing.

 You can assign multiple Resources to a single Location, but you will require at least 1 Location and Resource to be able to set up Events.

Setting up a Location

Locations can be found in: Settings > Resources > Locations.

The mandatory fields for Locations are:

Field name Description
Name The name of the Location

Setting up a Resource

Resources can be found in: Settings > Resources.

The mandatory fields for Resources are:

Field name Description
Name The name of the resource
Capacity The maximum capacity of this Resource
Location The location of the Resource (chosen from the Locations list)

Page last modified: November 18, 2019