SMS Messages

About SMS Messages

The SMS system built into Booking Live allows you to automatically send confirmation messages, reminder messages and other messages to your customers via SMS. These can be set up to send automatically via usage of the Timeline.
In order to use the SMS system, you will need to contact Booking Live to activate the system, and then purchase SMS credits.

Default Messages

The Booking Live system comes pre-packaged with a number of default messages. These can be found at:

Message name Description Default Recipient
Confirmation SMS Sent to the Recipient(s) upon completion of an Order Purchaser
Cancellation SMS Sent to the Recipient(s) upon cancellation of an Order Purchaser
Reminder SMS The Default message used to remind a customer on an Event (requires use of the Timeline) Purchaser
Feedback SMS The message sent after and event to request feedback (requires use of the Timeline) Purchaser

If you have created additional messages (see below for details), then you can select which message is used through the use of the Dropdown field for each system message.

Editing and creating SMS Messages

To edit or create a new SMS message, you need to go to:

Here, you can see the list of all currently existing SMS messages on your system.

SMS Message Settings

This screen shows the settings that are available for editing or creating a SMS Message. The above example displays the Default Confirmation message.

Setting Description
Main Tab
Name The internal name of this SMS Message
Subject Not relevant to SMS Messages
Message Style Not relevant to SMS Messages
Message Recipients Who will recieves this SMS Message (Options: Purchaser, Participant)
Message Contents The content of the SMS Message

Message Recipients

When you create an SMS Message, you can select the Recipients. You can choose from the Purchaser and/or the Participant.
Note: in order to be able to use these options, the Booking Forms must be updated to include Mobile Telephone Number as a field.

Message Contents

To edit the Message Contents, you will need to click on the Edit icon to the right of the Content Block.

Setting Description
Main Tab
Name The internal name of this Content Block
Content TEXT The text to be included in this Content Block
Message Rules Tab
Message Rules Not relevant to SMS Messages

You will notice that the Content TEXT field has a character counter at the bottom, to help you avoid going over the 140 character limit for a single text message.

SMS Merge Tags

The following merge tags can be used within an SMS Message:

Tag Description
{PurchaserFirstName} The first name of the Purchaser
{EventStartDate} The start date of the Event
{EventStartTime} The start time of the Event
{CompanyName} The name of your Company (as set in General Settings)
{FirstName} The first name of the Recipient

Page last modified: June 18, 2019