A product is an individual item that can be booked or sold via your booking live system. Products could be activities, tours, appointments, courses, events, pitches, courts, parks etc.

In this section you will learn:

How to add a new product

  1. Go to Settings > Products
  2. Click on "Actions" in the top-right
  3. Select " Add Product"
  4. Provide a Name and Type of Product
  5. Click " Save"
  6. Once the product has saved, you will be provided with additional options, based on the type of Product you are using. See the relevent Product page below for more details.

Types of Products

Single Event

This is a standard, single and fixed in advance event purchase - for example a single class on cooking skills

Multi Event

Similar to a single event - except it is a series of events being sold as one product - e.g. a cookery class every Monday at 7pm for 10 weeks

Room Booking

A product whose event availability is set based on opening and close times with minimum duration requirements. Duration increments can be set with the ability for customers to select the times and repeat their selection with ease.

Template Event

This is similar to an appointment event but can involve many resources and the events created are from a fixed template... e.g. one hour on "play area" followed by one hour on either "party room one" or "party room two"


A Recurring payment to gain access to your services - Integrates with our EPOS system.


Sell Vocuhers for your events from our system, or allow redemption of external vocuhers.


Linking Upsells

Detail son how to link Upsells to your Products in different ways.

Event Upsells

Products that can be sold during the booking process and will display based on the events selected.

Physical Item

Items that are more standard "e-commerce" and do not require booking resources for periods of time - e.g. a t shirt or baseball cap, which do not have availability and that can be upsold during the booking process.

Additional settings & information

Product Groups

Details on how to Group your products together and utilise related features.

Waiting List

Details on how to utilise the Waiting List feature on Products.

Booking Views

Details on what the different Booking Views look like and function.

Product Timeline

Automate messages and other functions by date.


Create PDFs automatically, with merge fields for your products.

Product Event Order

Provide early access to events for your returning customers.

Page last modified: November 18, 2019